General Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale

A deposit equaling 25% of the total holiday cost will be requested no less than 30 days before the holiday starts. The booking is only confirmed when this deposit is received by the deadline stated in the option contract. The client undertakes to then return the completed and signed rental contract within seven days of paying the deposit. The balance will be due 30 days before the holiday starts. If the booking is made less than 30 days before the holiday starts, the full balance will be required to confirm the booking. All holidays must be paid for in full before arrival or you may be refused admission, which will count as a last-minute cancellation. In this event, any sums paid will be retained. Any last-minute booking made by telephone at the client's request OR any partial or total payment for a holiday by any purchaser will constitute acceptance of the general terms of sale, which the client acknowledges they have read and accepted.

The holiday cost stated in the contract covers accommodation including charges (water, electricity and heating), but excludes any additional services, as well as tourist tax to be collected on behalf of local authorities. Additional services must be paid for when you pay your holiday balance. 2 Alpes Immo reserves the right to organize promotional operations in line with current regulations. Promotional prices are only valid under the particular terms of sale for these operations. These promotional offers cannot be backdated or used after a promotion ends.

Any client who wants to cancel their holiday should notify 2 Alpes Immo in writing. The following cancellation charges apply:
- Over 60 days before the arrival date: 10% of the total booking cost will be retained
- Between 60 and 31 days before the arrival date: 30% of the total booking cost will be retained
- Between 30 and 21 days before the arrival date: 70% of the total booking cost will be retained
- Between 20 and 14 days before the arrival date: 90% of the total booking cost will be retained
- Less than 14 days before the arrival date: 100% of the total booking cost will be retained
No refund will be given if the client departs early or decides not to use a service, no matter the reason.
Any changes made by the client to dates or accommodation constitute a cancellation of the initial booking and are therefore understood to be a new booking. In this case, the terms governing cancellation automatically apply.

You can cancel due to Covid-19 free of charge up to one day before your arrival if:
Governmental measures restricting travel are introduced, which prevents you travelling to Les 2 Alpes;
- It is confirmed that the ski lifts will not be open during your holiday;
- Your region of origin or your destination go into lockdown;
- The border shuts between your country of origin and France;
- The usual terms governing cancellation apply in any other situation.
Insurance and guarantees
Cancellation / interruption / multi-risk insurance
In accordance with the special terms and conditions of policy no. 420393202L with Allianz, any customer making a booking may claim: in the event of cancellation, a refund of all cancellation fees charged (minus premium, administration fees and excess). Cancellation, for which notice is given before your departure, must be the result of an occurrence, subsequent to taking out the insurance, of one of the following instances that prevents the commencement of your holiday.
Events covered in the event of cancellation (subject to acceptance of claim)
- Serious illness; - Serious accident or death; - Complications during pregnancy; - Redundancy on economic grounds; - Summons to appear in court, in the following instances only: - - Child adoption proceedings, set date to re-sit exams; - Destruction of business premises or place of residence; - Theft at business premises or place of residence; - Serious damage to your vehicle; - Taking up employment or placement through Pôle Emploi; - Withdrawal or change to paid holiday dates by an employer; - Transfer.
Events covered in the event of interruption (subject to acceptance of claim)
- Serious illness, serious accident or death.
- Major damage from fire, explosion or water ingress
- Theft at business premises or place of residence, on condition that the theft is serious enough to warrant your presence.
For rentals, interruption cover shall be granted on condition that the rental property is fully vacated.
 Events covered due to lack of snowfall (subject to having multi-risk cover and subject to acceptance of claim)
- Closure of the ski area - Closure of some or all of the ski area must be the result of a lack of snow or excess snow in the area. If, in the 48 hours prior to or after the scheduled holiday start date, more than 70% of the ski area is closed according to the snow report. Cover is only valid for resorts whose ski runs begin above 1,200 meters (excludes Seix).
 Cover in the event of repatriation (subject to having multi-risk cover and subject to acceptance of claim)
In order to receive all forms of cover after an incident, you must contact your insurer's assistance center before any intervention. Your insurer will issue a claim number, which alone should be used as proof of cover for any interventions made.
Covid extension warranty:
- Quarantine for COVID-19 (positive test)
- Cancellation of the trip because of COVID 19 (hospitalization)
- Trip cancellation because a family member (as defined) is infected with Covid 19 (hospitalization)
- Cancellation of the trip because of a proven contact case and the obligation to isolate and PCR test
- Cancellation due to proven contact case and waiting for PCR test results
- Cancellation due to illness with suspected COVID 19 by a doctor and confirmation that travel is not possible
- Cancellation due to a contact case and waiting for PCR test results
- Cancellation due to positive COVID 19 test
- Cancellation because a relative is seriously ill with COVID 19 (hospitalization/death)
- Cancellation due to requisition by the authorities in the context of the fight against COVID 19
- Late arrival at the place of stay (2 days late or more) due to COVID 19 disease or contact case
- Denial of boarding due to temperature measurement
Events not covered in all cases:
- Epidemics, natural disasters or pollution;
- Civil war or inter-state conflict, rioting or mass demonstration, strike action, acts of terrorism and terrorist attacks;
- Voluntary participation by an individual in rioting or strike action;
- Alcoholism, drunkenness, drug use, use of narcotics or medication not prescribed by a doctor; - Any intentional action to avail of insurance cover;
- Duels, gambling, crimes, fighting (except in self-defense);
- Engaging in the following sports: bobsleighing, skeleton, mountaineering, luge, air sports with the exception of parasailing, and activities linked to participation in or training for matches or official competition, organized by a sporting federation;
- Suicide and the consequences of attempted suicide;
- Absence of risk.
What to do in the event of cancellation / interruption
In the event of a claim, you must inform 2 Alpes Immo by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, stating the reason for your cancellation and attaching any necessary supporting documents to the file. The costs remaining to be borne by the participants are the insurance premium, the administrative costs and the excess. Please note: the above information is not contractual, an insurance notice detailing the guarantees and exclusions will be attached to your booking contract.
Cancellation/interruption insurance rate: 4.2% of the total cost of the accommodation + ski equipment and ski passes if subscribed to.
Multi-risk cancellation insurance rate: 5.7% of the total cost of the accommodation + ski equipment and ski passes if taken out.

2 Alpes Immo may be forced to amend or cancel a holiday in the event of external events beyond its control. If the agency has to cancel the holiday chosen by the client, an alternative holiday will be suggested to the latter in writing as soon as possible. The client must tell the agency whether they accept this suggestion within seven days of receiving it. If the agency does not receive a response within this period, the client will be deemed to have accepted the alternative holiday proposed. If the client rejects the alternative holiday, 2 Alpes Immo will refund all sums paid, without prejudice to any damages or interest the client may claim.

Rental accommodation keys are handed over from 16:00 in the winter season and from 15:00 in the summer season until the agency closes. If the client does not collect the keys within the agreed period and the agency does not hear from them, this will be understood as the client "failing to be present" and the rental contract will be cancelled outright with the consequences mentioned above. The keys must be returned to the agency by 10:00 on departure day. The client must abide by these arrival and departure dates and times.

A security deposit of between €300 and €600 (as stated in the contract) must be paid by the client on arrival by cheque or via a bank card imprint. The security deposit will be destroyed within 14 days unless ancillary services are used in situ and/or compensation is due for any damage (value of items damaged and/or missing, true cost of housekeeping or reinstatement, etc.). If the security deposit is too small to cover these expenses, the client must send the balance to the agency within eight days of receiving the corresponding invoice. Accommodation will be inspected in the client's presence before departure. On arrival, the client will carry out their own inspection using the form provided. Any shortcomings/missing items should be reported to the agency within 48 hours. If the client departs at night or early and no inspection is possible, the security deposit will be retained and returned or cancelled at a later date minus any charges for cleaning or repairs. If a client departs without an inspection taking place, this constitutes acceptance of the decision made by 2 Alpes Immo. Any complaints about a rental property should be made to the agency within 72 hours of the client receiving the keys at the latest. No complaints will be accepted after this period or after the client departs. If a key is lost, the client must pay the sum indicated in the additional services table so the lock can be changed (apartment and/or ski locker).

The apartment rented out is designed for seasonal tourist use as a place of residence only. The client must occupy the rental property with due diligence and ensure the furnishings and equipment remain in good condition. At the end of the holiday, the apartment must be returned clean and in a good state of repair. The client must abide by any rules and regulations applicable to the apartment building so that no complaints are received by the apartment owner or the agency. In the event of non-compliance, the agency reserves the right to terminate the contract and immediately evict the client. In this situation, any unused services must still be paid for.
Pets are accepted by some apartments. The charge is stated in the additional services table.
During a rental period, an apartment may only be occupied by the same number of people as beds stated in the rental contract description. Exceptions are made for babies aged under two years, who are not considered occupants. The age taken into account is that on the first day of the holiday. An identity document may be required for confirmation. If a violation occurs, a per-person overcrowding charge must be paid per indivisible weekly unit during which the violation was noticed.

Hoteliers are not responsible for seasonal furnished rental properties. As a result, the agency cannot be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to personal belongings in apartments, car parks or annexes (ski room, bike room, etc.). This means the client is responsible for taking measures to protect their belongings during their holiday. It is worth taking certain precautions before leaving the apartment: shutting sliding glass doors, locking doors, etc.

The information collected by 2 Alpes Immo under this contract is subject to computer processing that is required for the agency to be able to provide its services. This information can be accessed by contacting the agency. In accordance with the amended French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the client has the right to access, rectify and erase personal data held about them. To exercise this right, the client can contact the agency.

Should any dispute arise under this contact, the competent court will be Grenoble (38).

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